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Removing old ceiling batts and air-con ducting

Brisbane insulation removal specialise in removing old and ineffective ceiling batts

Did you know…

A number of homes in Australia today have old fiberglass ceiling batts in there attic. For years, fiberglass insulation was considered the best and the safest choice for keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. However, environmental and building agencies began taking a closer look at fiberglass insulation and the effects it might have on us later on. And did not like what they found. They now compare fiberglass to the horrible asbestos. The problem with fiberglass insulation stems from the formaldehyde binder used in the manufacturing process. Your lungs are very delicate and susceptible to damage from foreign or unhealthy particals in the air around you. In order to avoid inhaling fumes from daily
household products like cleaners, sprays we wear masks and other protective gear.

Fumes are considered more harmful because of what they do to the brain and your body overall, but the biggest dangers of breathing in fiberglass is that the fibers from the insulation enter into your lungs and create further trouble with breathing later on in life.

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