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Ceiling Cavity Dust Removal

Cleaning and vacuuming harmful contaminated dust from ceiling cavity

Did you know…

Very small amounts of lead are proven to cause serious long term health effects.
Children under the age of three are at risk because:
• Their frequent hand to mouth activity
• They are known to absorb more lead than adults; and
• Their brain and nervous systems are in the early stages of development
Pregnant women are at greater risk compared to other adults due to changes in their bodies during pregnancy. There is also no barrier to lead in the placenta and hence there is no protection for the unborn child from lead in the mother’s blood system. But, please remember anyone can be at risk to lead poisoning. The roof area (attic) of many older Australian homes and buildings contains lead dust and other contaminants.

This lead dust has built up over many years from many sources including:
• Exhaust emissions from petrol run vehicles
• Fall out from wood-burning or coal-burning factories
• Renovations and demolitions in your house or even from neighbouring
• Industrial fall-out such as from power stations, incinerators, crematoriums, car
repair sites, lead mines and smelterslters

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